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Traditional Braces

Orthodontic Treatment with Traditional Braces in Ventura 

Teeth and bite misalignment are conditions, although common, can cause a multitude of complex oral and dental health complications if not properly treated. Whether treating children or adults, knowledgeable and compassionate orthodontist, Kenneth R. Smith, DDS, provides personalized orthodontics for addressing minor to complex malocclusion cases with traditional braces. 

At the orthodontic practice of Kenneth R. Smith, DDS, our leading orthodontist and his capable team provide traditional full braces at our main office in Ventura as well as our secondary practice in Fillmore.  Whether minor gaps compromise your smile, or you require corrective bite therapy with braces, our team tailors treatment plans with your dental goals and aesthetics in mind.  

Preserving Dental Health with Straighter Smiles 

A properly aligned smile not only significantly improves visually-appealing smile uniformity but helps protect dental integrity well into the future. Orthodontic issues such as gaps and crooked teeth can lead to oral health concerns such as decay due to dental misalignment making it difficult to properly remove left offer food debris from the smile. No matter how minor the orthodontic issue may appear, it is recommended to take a proactive approach and seek professional treatment. 

Treating Minor to Complex Malocclusion with Traditional Metal Braces 

Dr. Smith and his offer comprehensive care as we begin treatment by conducting a thorough assessment of your smile. This examination includes a series of digital imaging and impressions of your current dental state for Dr. Smith to gain an accurate reading of how your teeth and jaw arrangement affects your bite as well as your overall oral health. From there, our team will work closely with you to create a completely tailored plan to address your needs, concerns, and aspirations. 

At the orthodontic practice of Kenneth R. Smith, DDS, we offer traditional metal braces as a reliable alignment method for correcting a wide variety of malocclusion complications and have done so for many years. During treatment, Dr. Smith and his team track your progress and performs all the necessary adjustments. 

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Kenneth R. Smith, D.D.S., provides traditional full braces for adults and children in Ventura and the surrounding communities. For more information about orthodontics, call our practice today!

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